A Treatise On Education and Life:

A Reminder of 7 Simple Truths.



Accountability:  As Sir Isaac Newton stated in his third law of physics, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Likewise, for every choice there is a consequence! You need to accept the consequences incurred based on the choices you make.  You cannot be absolved from the consequences that follow.  You must be responsible to the natural chain of events that follow any choices you make. 

Exceptions:  We live in a society of laws and rules.  If, as the Declaration of Independence states, we are indeed “all created equal,” then all men are equally obligated to heed and obey all of the rules, laws, and statutes that govern this country and any legal institution therein.  There are no exceptions!  All are equally answerable to the laws.

Communication:  With the advance of technology, a disturbing trend has occurred. The ability to communicate clearly face-to-face in an effective manner has decreased substantially.  Communication is the grid upon which we plot the course of our day-to-day lives.  In order to make informed decisions and act as responsible citizens of our community and world, we must re-learn the skill and art of open, uninhibited face-to-face communication.


Foresight:  The ability to see beyond the imminent is intricately linked with accountability.  It is imperative to have a plan and a goal.  Assess the necessary steps to fulfilling that plan and eliminate behaviors and choices that will impede progress and ultimately the satisfaction of the stated goal.  Foresight helps clear the path to a successful future unhindered by past mistakes. Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want right now!


Commitment:  School, jobs, families, and any other commitments made are never commitments of convenience.  Convenience is the antithesis of commitment.  Despite the fact that something may be inconvenient does not automatically nullify the obligation to fulfill the responsibilities that have been undertaken.  Seriously assess what you are capable of doing and choose wisely what you are willing to commit to.


Motivation: Don’t wait for good things to happen. Don’t expect others to make them happen for you.  You make them happen! Too often in today’s society is found a feeling of complacency.  Being satisfied with mediocrity is unacceptable.  A person who helps themselves inherently helps everyone else around them.  Complacency is stagnation.  Work hard and strive to find your own happiness and success.  Otherwise, you will spend an entire lifetime waiting.


Wrong and Right:  Wrong is wrong and can never be right.  There is the misconception that unless caught and punished, no wrong occurred.  This is not the case.  No matter who bails you out, wrong was committed and accountability for those wrongs should take place.  It is never right or good for you to avoid the consequences of your actions. The conscience, although commonly ignored, never fails. There is still an intrinsic knowledge of right and wrong in every person.  Jiminy Cricket accurately sums up the situation when saying, “Conscience is that still small voice that people won’t listen to. That’s just the trouble with the world today” (Disney, 1940) Engage your conscience and feel the moral obligation to do good and right.

Stewart Shelley

The life lessons you hope your children are learning at school. Simple truths every educator can layer into their curriculum. Getting back to basics!