Teaching – Design curriculum to teach concepts from basic theatrical principles to advanced concepts, including but not limited to stage terminology, theatre history, verbal and non-verbal communication, pantomime, improvisation, basic to advanced acting skills, diction, music, dance, character development, directing, costuming, set design and construction, lighting, sound, and scenic painting; Manage classroom settings to maximize student opportunities and learning; Implement effective teaching practices and problem solving skills, input grades (Skyward). Assess student learning. Collaborate with administrators, colleagues, community organizations, students, and parents.

Directing – Organize and manage small and large student casts (80+); Coordinate with playwrights and representatives to ensure the integrity of the production; Design and construct sets; Facilitate opportunities for students to participate and supervise peers throughout the production process; Collaborate with department members and performing arts professionals to fulfill specific needs for each production; Produce high quality plays and musicals that inspire student participants and audiences while continually advancing the reputation of the drama program.

Administration – Collaborate with department members to provide quality educational and performing art experiences. Collaborate with school staff to meet the needs of students in a variety of settings. Market the drama program to increase visibility and support for the program and for each production; Provide accounting and financial oversight of the drama program including each production; Organize, train, support, and follow-up with new teachers and mentoring staff involved in the mentoring program; Manage the auditorium including scheduling, technical and support staff training and supervision, and facilitate maintenance and upgrades of the facility.

Budget and Accounting – Manage and balance accounts for Theatre Arts department including all production expenses, trip expenses, grants, fundraising proceeds, gate revenue, donations, building rental funds, student funds and others. Account totals each year exceed $100,000.00 dollars in expenses and income.

Travel Coordination – Coordinate multiple travel experiences for students annually including, The Utah Shakespeare Competition with over 100 students, traveling for 3 days. Utah Theater Association Conference with 40+ students. Traveling with 20-50 students to New York City for one week.

Grant Writing/Fundraising – Write educational grant proposals garnering much needed funding for the arts. Direct an annual fundraising event in association with a theatrical production to involve the students, community, and staff in raising money to sustain the arts and ensure quality productions in the future.

General – Write succinct, yet eloquent letters of recommendation, articles, pamphlets, presentations, and newsletters. Communicate effectively with students, other teachers, parents, administrators and the media among others; enhance the abilities of students and help them learn and grow, while encouraging them to strive for excellence on the stage and in life.